Free Health Screening 13th and 14th January

Free Health Screening 13th and 14th January

Free Health Screening 13th and 14th January
DATE: Sunday 14th JanuaryTIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm

On the 13th and 14th January, you're invited to a free health screening event at the Sovereign shopping centre in Boscombe.


Health Checks include:

  • A measurement of height/weight
  • A calculation of body mass index/body fat
  • A measurement of Blood pressure, Blood oxygen (oxymetry) and pulse rate
  • A Blood glucose analysis
  • A callibration of lung function and estimation of biological Lung age
  • A Life style analysis


Following the health checks:

This is followed by an evaluation of the outcomes by a physician, pharmacist or a similar HCP followed by a consultation. In the event that someone is found to be “at risk” and they were unaware of this, they are given a reference letter to take to their GP. Others are given lifestyle advice.



One of the key issues regarding both cardio vascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes (T2D) is that the NHS does not proactively screen anyone under the age of 50 Years (insufficient resources) but is increasingly acknowledging that patients presenting with problems are getting younger and younger. The problem with CVD and T2D is that they are often symptomless in the early stages and by the time patients are diagnosed it is too late.

The Seventh-day Adventist church promotes healthy living on a global basis and because of this the local Bournemouth church (a registered charity and which counts a large number of healthcare professionals amongst its members) established a healthcare outreach team which is led by Dina (Dr Dina Borges MD, a GP) with the objective of providing a free-of-charge diagnostic (screening) service to the general public at any age above 18 years.

The teams first “screening event” was held during the local air show in 2013 at which we attracted the attention of the local council and got subsequent endorsement of our activities. This was followed by additional events in the following years. To date the team has screened over 1000 members of the public of which just under 5% have been identified as “at risk” and referred for immediate medical follow up. In addition team members have been involved in helping other SDA church’s to set up similar teams and run events across southern England.