The Big Draw Festival 2018

The Big Draw Festival 2018

The Big Draw Festival 2018
DATE: Saturday 17th FebruaryTIME: 9:00am - 4:00pm

15th-17th February

'The Big Draw Festival' is coming to Sovereign Shopping Centre in Boscombe; the event will be held during February half-term, 15th, 16th and 17th February.

Arts2Educate is holding a 3-day event which will be FREE for the local community. It is an opportunity for families and groups to be together and celebrate where they live through being creative.

Our Big Draw event will work with the theme ‘Graffiti’. Techniques will be taught to make up their own Graffiti Tags and Banksy-like images to all go onto a final piece of work. Arts2Educate would want each young person who gets involved to make the project personal to them.

If you enjoy football, that can be a part of your project. If you enjoy dancing, that can be a part of your project. Anything goes!

As well as this, there will be a range of local artists doing live-drawing to inspire young people as well as adults. There will be opportunities to talk with the artists, so getting to know the talents in the local community.

Day 3 of the event will be a celebration of all the art work where all the work that has been produced will be displayed around the Sovereign Centre. As well as this there will be a range of young local musicians performing throughout the day.

Arts2Educate is so excited about this event, we look forward to seeing you there.

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