Boscombe’s Free Health MOT

Boscombe’s Free Health MOT

Boscombe’s Free Health MOT

Visitors to Boscombe’s Sovereign Shopping Centre, on 13th and 14th January, were offered free health checks to look for underlying medical conditions.

35% of people avoid the GP through fear of making a fuss – The informal environment, a pop up clinic in Sovereign Shopping Centre, provided the ideal solution for those who may have put off checking up on their ailments.

The event was led by Dr Dina Borges and a team of health care professional volunteers sponsored by the Bournemouth Seven Days Adventist Church - Health Department. The health screening assessed members of the public for Height & Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose (Diabetes), Spirometry (Respiratory function), Life Style analysis.

Dr Borges comments, “In October, last year data was published by Alzheimer’s Research UK about the incidence of Dementia in British Towns, showing that Christchurch and Dorset has the highest prevalence in the UK with 28 cases per 1000 people. Because of this we decided this time to add an assessment for Dementia and Mild Depression. This was undertaken by a Clinical Psychologist.”

“During this latest event in Boscombe, we managed to screen a total of 101 people of which 3 had to be referred for immediate follow up with their own GP. Of those, two had very high Blood Pressure and one had a very high Glucose (Diabetic type 2 not controlled), in addition two were found to be borderline Depression and four with low memory.”

“This time we had people from the community that had been screened before coming back to thank the team for referring them and/or the advice given in regard to their health. One very interesting case was someone who came to say thanks because this person had Hepatitis C and following the doctor advice had got the right medication from the GP and is now cured of Hep C.”

“We would like to thank the management team of the Sovereign Shopping Centre for their commitment to community health and allowing us to use the premises in Boscombe.

And we look forward to returning in the near future this year.”

Peter Ruscoe, Centre Manager for Sovereign Shopping Centre adds: “Thanks very much to Dina and her team for offering free health checks to our shoppers. As a community centre, we always look to support pop up events of this nature and hope that we can make Boscombe residents healthier in the process.”

Published: 20 January 2018