Young Artists Lead Sovereign's Mural Design

Young Artists Lead Sovereign's Mural Design

Young Artists Lead Sovereign's Mural Design

The mural is being designed and painted by young people from local schools and youth groups, under the guidance of local artists. Themed ‘postcards through time’, the painting will showcase the ideas of young people displayed on postcards set against a backdrop of a coastal horizon. Occupying a prominent wall space in a main entrance area by the bus station, the mural will be visible from the outside as well as the inside of the busy shopping centre, forming a lasting piece of art viewed by visitors to the centre for years to come.

Young Enterprise and the Community Youth Project Shop have been coordinating the project, which commenced with two workshop sessions on Saturday 22 September and Saturday 29 September where young people gathered to contribute their thoughts and ideas on designs for the mural. Inspiration also came from school workshops and the recent photography project run by the Community Youth Project Shop.

The artwork outline will be drawn by local artists Rishi Ludgate and Vivien Hoffman on Monday 1st October. Painting will begin on 3rd October, with pupils from Avonbourne School taking up the role of artists along with a team of volunteers, young enterprise staff and a team from Creative Kids art workshops. Pupils from Harewood College will be taking the stage on 12th October and the finished painting will be unveiled at an official launch event which will be announced later this month on the Sovereign Shopping Centre website and social media.

The Young Enterprise ‘One Community’ project is designed to engage local children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to work with local businesses and artists. The programme aims to encourage and motivate local young people and assist them with education and employment opportunities.

Clare Belmont, Manager of the Community Youth Project Shop said: “We’re really excited about the mural as the designs we’ve had during the workshops have been amazing. We’re constantly looking for ways to get the local young community involved in artistic projects as well as helping them with any advice and support they need, and this project is a great platform for us to do this.”

Ray McGlynn, Sovereign Shopping Centre Manager, said: “The mural is going to become an integral part of the Sovereign Shopping Centre, making a real feature of the entrance space and offering a permanent welcome to visitors. It’s been really positive having the One Community Project and local artists involved as it’s made the whole mural project the best it could be.”

Published: 19 September 2012